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The Salix tree, commonly known as willow, is a diverse genus comprising around 400 species of deciduous trees and shrubs. Renowned for their slender, flexible branches and narrow, elongated leaves, willows are often found near water sources in temperate and cold regions. They exhibit rapid growth and are valued for their ornamental beauty, erosion control, and the medicinal properties of their bark.

Weeping Willow Tree: Soothing Water-side Sanctuary

The weeping willow is a striking and graceful tree that brings a sense of tranquillity and comfort. It can be found near rivers, lakes, and ponds. Its shimmering weeping willow leaves and elegant, drooping branches, create a beautiful atmosphere of a spiritual sanctuary.

The weeping willow tree symbolizes femininity, emotional depth, and intuitive wisdom. It also represents the acceptance of loss and the power of healing. It is a fascinating tree loved across many cultures and a beautiful addition to any garden.

Weeping Willow Tree Sale UK: Arundel Arboretum

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Our experts are ready to walk you through our impressive selection of weeping willow trees and help you find the perfect match for your landscape. They will also provide guidance on the care, planting, and nurturing of the plant to make sure it will thrive in your environment.

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Finding Your Perfect Weeping Willow Tree: A Simple Guide

The world of weeping willows offers a wide range of species and cultivars. All of them can add unique beauty to various landscapes. Here are some of the most popular types grouped by their distinctive characteristics:

Classic Weeping Willows:

Salix Babylonica | Weeping Willow

  • Classic weeping willow tree
  • Cascading canopy and long, slender, drooping branches
  • Green, narrow, bright green leaves
  • Reaches 10-15 m in height

Salix purpurea 'Pendula' | Weeping Purple Willow

  • Compact, umbrella-like canopy
  • Purple stems with narrow, bluish-green leaves
  • Reaches 1.8-2.5 m in height
  • Ornamental tree great for small gardens

Salix caprea Pendula | Weeping Pussy Willow

  • Compact, umbrella-like canopy
  • Ovate, dark green leaves
  • Slender, dropping branches with silvery catkins in early spring
  • Reaches 1.8-2.5 m in height
  • Ornamental, great for small gardens

Golden Willows:

Salix vitelliana | Golden Willow

  • Vigorous and spreading
  • Golden-yellow branches with narrow green leaves
  • Reaches 10-15 m in height
  • Very ornamental in winter due to its golden bark

Salix Chrysocoma | Golden Weeping Willow

  • Broad rounded canopy
  • Golden yellow bark with dropping branches
  • Narrow, green leaves
  • Reaches 10-15 m in height

Contorted Willows:

Salix matsudana Tortuosa | Wiggerly Willow

  • Distinctive irregular shape
  • Contorted branches – twisted and curly
  • Spiralled green leaves
  • Reaches 10-15 m in height

Variegated Willows:

Salix integra 'Hakuro-nishiki' | Dappled Willow

  • Bushy form with slender branches
  • Pink, white, and green variegated leaves – “dappled effect”
  • Reaches 1.2-1.8 m in height and spread
  • Highly ornamental, great for small gardens

Hybrid Willows:

Salix x sepulcralis 'Erythroflexuosa' | Willow 'Erythroflexuosa'

  • Irregular broad canopy
  • Reddish-yellow bark with twisted, spiralled branches
  • Reaches 6-8 m in height
  • Very ornamental especially in winter due to its reddish bark

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is special about a weeping willow? There are many things that are special about weeping willow - its unique cascading canopy, ability to thrive in poorly drained soils, fast growth, a root system that can prevent soil erosion, great elegance and beauty, as well as its symbolism and cultural significance.

  • Can I grow a weeping willow tree UK? Weeping willows thrive in temperate regions and are, therefore, very suitable for growing in the UK. The most popular varieties among British gardeners are Salix Babylonica | Weeping Willow, Salix Chrysocoma | Golden Weeping Willow, and Salix caprea Pendula | Weeping Pussy Willow.

  • How long does weeping willow last? Weeping willow typically lives between 30 to 50 years. Under ideal conditions, it can live up to 75 years.
  • How fast does the weeping willow grow?Weeping willow trees are known for their fast growth. They usually grow around 1-2.5 metres per year and reach maturity in 15-20 years.
  • Where should I plant a weeping willow tree? The best place to plant a weeping willow is near a pond, lake, or river. Due to its extensive root system, it should be planted at least 15-20 metres away from structures and underground utilities.
  • Where do weeping willows grow best? Weeping willow trees grow well in various soil types but prefer fertile, slightly acidic, moist, well-drained soils. They thrive in full sun to partial shade. They are resistant to frost but need to be sheltered from strong winds as their branches are easily broken.
  • Is weeping willow tree invasive? The root system of a weeping willow is considered invasive. It branches out in all directions seeking water and grows densely in places where it finds water. It should not be planted near pools, houses, driveways, or underground structures.
  • Can I buy a dwarf weeping willow tree UK? Yes, there are dwarf weeping willow trees available for sale in the UK. In our Arundel arboretum, you can find some popular options, such as Weeping Pussy Willow, Weeping Purple Willow, or Salix integra 'Hakuro-nishiki' | Dappled Willow.
  • Is there a weeping willow bonsai? Yes, there is a weeping willow bonsai or a miniature weeping willow tree. It mimics the full-sized version but remains under 60 cm in height. With the right care, this mini weeping willow tree can thrive for a long time showing its beauty throughout the seasons.
  • Is there a weeping willow tree for sale near me? If you are looking to buy a weeping willow tree near you, your search can end here! Visit our Arundel Arboretum nursery in Arundel, Chichester, South of England, to discover top-quality weeping willow trees from our weeping willow tree farm. Or, explore our online store and find your ideal weeping willow tree for sale there. We’ll take care of the rest. If you have any questions about the weeping willow tree sale UK or if there's anything else we can assist you with, do not hesitate to contact us.

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