Are your fruit trees being sabotaged by insects?

Are your fruit trees being sabotaged by insects?

Over the last two weeks fruit trees seem to be the trees to purchase here at the Arboretum. They prove popular not just because they produce fruit for gardeners to harvest and eat, but because they offer structure and interest to a garden and they invite wildlife too.

Insect life can be a nuisance as it spoils fruits, but this depends on how perfect you expect your fruit to be. I like to see insect life on the fruit trees as long as they do not devastate the trees. The insect life is so important for our wild birds. If it does become a problem we can recommend a number of methods to minimise the amount of fruit spoiled.

Our favoured solution here at the Arboretum is putting up nesting boxes for the birds (preferably south facing) in the hope that the birds will come and nest in them. The birds will pick the insects off the fruit trees and feed them to their chicks. A natural way to control insect life rather than using sprays.

Why not find a corner in your garden that would benefit from a fruit tree? There will be a species suitable for your soil type and position and if you pop and see us we can help you make the ideal choice.

Pop in and see us for one of the largest stocks of fruit trees in the area. Our website is just a small fraction of what we stock here at the Arboretum. We can give you advice and also offer a planting service to help give your fruit tree the best of starts.

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