Fast growing shrubs for privacy

Fast growing shrubs for privacy

Customers are often concerned about screenage and privacy issues. They visit us for advice on fast-growing shrubs for privacy, to plant. They often want to screen off a new build project, an extension to a neighbouring property or advice on replacing existing trees or shrubs that may have died.

Evergreen shrubs are an excellent choice as once established they can provide dense and all year round screenage.  The shrub has great additional qualities such as; being a natural windbreak, being ideal for wildlife and much more aesthetically pleasing than a brick wall! Most evergreen shrubs require little maintenance to keep them looking good – a trim once or twice a year should suffice.

From our vast knowledge and experience, we are aware that our customers require fast-growing evergreen shrubs for privacy, and we always have a good selection in stock for them to choose from. When visiting Arundel Arboretum, we will run through some basic fact-finding questions which will include:

  • Where do you live – for example, do you live near the sea? In which case you need to choose a shrub that can cope with salt conditions. You could consider Quercus ilex, Griselinia littoralis, Euonymous japonica or Tamarisk
  • The chosen location in your garden – if you are selecting a shrub for privacy, it is likely to be planted near a wall or driveway. Is there enough room for the plant to spread? Also, you will need to remember that root systems grow down as well as along and this needs to be considered too. We would not recommend, for example, planting Bamboo in this situation as they have a vigorous, invasive root system.
  • Size – make sure you discuss with your plant specialist the eventual height and spread of the plants so that you can be sure your proposed site can accommodate the plant’s requirements. Our knowledgeable staff will be able to help you with this.
  • Ground conditions – always choose plants that will thrive in your conditions – again, this is something we can help you with. Also, consider which way your new plants will face in your garden – north\south\east\west and ensure it can cope with the weather conditions too. Looking around your local area to see what other people have in their gardens is always a good indication to see what grows well.

We do have an excellent selection of evergreen shrubs to consider for privacy, but one worthy of consideration is Prunus laurocerasus ‘Rotundifolia’.  This variety of Cherry Laurel is a fast growing evergreen shrub. It produces a very dense hedge, with large, glossy green leaves. During the spring, upright spikes of white flowers will emerge, which are followed by cherry-red berries going into the autumn. These will eventually ripen black. Do be aware that these berries are harmful if ingested. This shrub can grow happily in full sun or partial shade, in an exposed or sheltered position. It is also suitable for damp, shady areas; or dry, shady areas. It cannot, however, tolerate coastal or chalk conditions. Prunus laurocerasus ‘Rotundifolia’ has an eventual height of approximately 5m.

Here at Arundel Arboretum, we have an excellent selection of Cherry Laurels in stock, a great fast-growing shrub for privacy. Feel free to drop by for a visit and we will happily assist you with your purchase.

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