How to grow Sedums

How to grow Sedums

Are you looking for garden centres in Sussex that have a beautiful range of plants all year round? At Arundel Arboretum, our garden centre in Sussex, we have a wonderful range that is still looking superb now. One plant to consider is Sedums. Sedums (hylotelephium) and common name of stonecrop, are succulent perennial plants with heads of small, star-shaped flowers. These appear during the summer months and they will continue to flower into the winter. There is a vast range of Sedums all with a variety of flowering colours and flowering times.

How to grow

Sedums ideally need to be planted in a sunny spot, preferably south-facing in an exposed or sheltered position. They do require a well-drained soil.

They require little maintenance other than being cut back in May during the RHS Chelsea Flower Show week – this is known as the “Chelsea Chop!”. By doing this, it will encourage a more compact plant when it starts to re-shoot and avoid taller varieties becoming floppy as they grow through the season.


We currently have Sedum spectabile ‘Carmen’ and Sedum spectabile ‘Stardust’ in stock. They are clump-forming varieties with grey-green leaves. ‘Carmen’ has soft rose-pink flowers whilst ‘Stardust’ has creamy-white flowers.

Once they have finished flowering, the seed heads can be left on over the winter months and cut back the following spring. The seed heads can look very attractive covered in frost and snow.

If you are seeking drought tolerant plants, Sedums are an ideal choice for consideration.


When the flowers start to emerge in the summer, they attract lots of bees and butterflies and because the flowers continue into the early winter, they provide some late nectar for our wildlife too.

For further help and information on growing sedums, why not visit Arundel Arboretum, one of the leading garden centres in Sussex? Our knowledgeable team will be very pleased to help and assist you.

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