Tips and Advice on Buying a Deciduous Tree

Tips and Advice on Buying a Deciduous Tree

Here at Arundel Arboretum, we currently have an excellent selection of deciduous trees. These are great if you’re looking to create a form of screening in your garden to cover unsightly views or create shelter from the wind. Additionally, they can be hugely beneficial for wildlife, not to mention they also look great in your outdoor space thanks to their decorative bark, coloured foliage and blooming flowers.

You will often find that most deciduous trees are single stem, however, occasionally they can also be grown as multi-stem. Alongside their excellent screening properties and aesthetic appeal, deciduous trees can often help to bring your planting scheme together due to their shape and height. Once they have lost their leaves in the autumn, their silhouette brings added interest during the winter months. 

 We stock a wide range of deciduous trees for you to pick from, including PrunusMalusSorbus and Birch, just to name a few. A firm favourite of ours is the Cercidiphyllum Japonica, also known as the Katsura tree or Candy Floss tree. Their beautiful heart-shaped leaves have an aromatic smell of burnt candy floss which is where the name comes from!  

Choosing the Right Deciduous Tree for Your Garden 

When considering which tree is perfect for your garden, there’s a lot to consider. Luckily, our team of experts are on hand to help, here are a few of the questions they might ask to establish the perfect tree for you:  

  • What shape are you looking for? 
  • How big is the space which you are looking to fill? 
  • Are there any buildings nearby that could be affected by the roots? 
  • How quickly are you looking for growth? 
  • How close to the coast do you live?
  • How much sunlight or shade will your tree receive? 
  • How windy is your garden? 

Although this may seem like a lot of questions, they’re all important factors when it comes to figuring out which tree is best for you.

When To Plant Your Deciduous Tree 

To make the process easier, all of our trees come in pots, meaning they can be planted all year round. Having said this, planting them in the autumn/winter months will mean your trees require less maintenance. During the winter months, the tree won’t have to support it’s spring and summer growth, therefore it can firmly establish itself.

How To Plant Your Deciduous Tree 

You must nail the planting – failure to do so will set back the growth of your tree and could even kill off your plant. Ensure that your tree is planted so that the root system is just above the surface, to allow maximum breathing space for the roots. 

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