Tips and Advice on Planting Mature Plants

Tips and Advice on Planting Mature Plants

Many of our clients visit Arundel Arboretum as they are looking to provide instant impact in their garden, our excellent selection of mature plants can do just that. With a wonderful selection of mature plants in stock to choose from you can enhance your garden instantly.

Mature plants will provide an impressive statement to your garden design whether you plant one specimen plant or a few.  There is so much choice available today, and there is no longer the necessity to wait for the plant to grow to achieve the look you require.  Mature plants can be planted as a feature statement, to create screenage from a neighbouring building, to provide privacy or even shade.  Mature plants literally transform your garden immediately.

Which mature plants do I choose?

Primarily our clients are looking to purchase mature plants in order to create screenage to block out other buildings surrounding them.  Depending upon the plant selection, you may need to purchase more than one to create the look you require.  However, one specimen mature plant may be enough to create the desired effect.

Evergreen or Deciduous?

If you are looking to purchase a mature plant for year-round screenage, then an evergreen plant is the right one to choose.  If you are not concerned about winter screenage or privacy, then a deciduous tree makes an equally good option.  During the winter months, you will be able to enjoy the wonderful structure of a deciduous tree when all the leaves have fallen.  Many have very attractive bark – for example, Prunus serrula or Betula utilis var. jacquemontii.  Deciduous trees have massive benefits to wildlife too.

Will I get it into my garden?

This is sometimes a consideration that is overlooked!  When visiting a specialist nursery such as Arundel Arboretum, we will always ask about access.  It is a very important factor to consider.  When visiting us, we always encourage our clients to bring along some photographs of their garden so that we can see what you are trying to achieve.  Photographs of any restricted access are always very useful and most welcome.

Planting and looking after your mature plants

Due to their size and maturity, mature plants will require more maintenance than younger ones.  We would always recommend our planting service to our clients, but if you prefer to plant it yourselves, we will always offer advice on the best methods in order to achieve the best for your plant long term.  Always ensure that the tree or shrub is safely secured with the appropriate stakes and ties for the first few years.

Mature plants will naturally take longer to establish themselves as they have a much larger root system to support to feed the head.  Lack of maintenance is often the main cause of a plant’s demise, so maintenance is key.  Watering during dry spells is a must.  A drip system could be considered if you are planning to plant a variety of mature plants.  It is also a good idea to keep your weeds under control; otherwise, they will be competing with your plants for water and nutrients in the soil!

We have an excellent selection of mature plants in stock.  If you are planning some new plants for your garden, we highly recommend a visit to us.

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