Tips on looking after your garden

Tips on looking after your garden

The continued dry spell of weather has seen our gardens struggling, meaning our grass has been turning straw-like and plants flagging in desperate need of water (although as we write this it is raining!).

Garden centres in West Sussex are working hard to keep their stock looking in perfect condition, and Arundel Arboretum is no exception to that. The commitment and hard work by everyone here to help ensure that the nursery and our stock continue to look very impressive.

When should I water?

If you can, watering your plants in the early morning can avoid evaporation and moisture loss during the day. If the day is very warm, it might be useful to water in the evening too. Newly planted trees and shrubs will need very careful monitoring to ensure they are getting enough water to establish themselves.

It is wise to work with your ground conditions and keep the ground on the dry side of moist. Plants in pots will almost certainly require watering daily.

What is the best way to water?

Hoses and watering cans are often the best method so that you can aim the water to exactly where it is needed. However, with many areas on a hosepipe ban, and with water being such a precious commodity, we would encourage watering with watering cans and leftover washing up water (making sure it is “clean”)!  It is surprising how much of your garden you can water this way – you will be surprised!

If you have many plants to water, another option is to consider installing an irrigation system. This consists of a length of pipe with holes in, placed in your beds around the plants that will require water. The pipe is attached to your hosepipe. The pipe can be hidden in the soil or beneath mulch. When switched on, it provides a gentle trickle of water to your plants. This is a very effective way of watering and we have installed this system for a number of our clients, if this is a service you think you would like then feel free to contact us, we are more than happy to help.

During exceptionally dry periods, it is a good time to consider whether we can incorporate more drought tolerant plants into our garden. We have touched upon this subject before and you can find out more information here. We have also given advice on tips for watering too and you may like to read this.

Here at Arundel Arboretum, we are always happy to answer any of your questions or concerns about looking after your plants, especially during this long, dry summer.

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