What to do in the garden during March

What to do in the garden during March

We are now officially into spring, which probably explains all the wind and rain!

We are continuing to see changes daily as more plants are blossoming. The Prunus Pandora look particularly good at the moment and the buds on the magnolias are bursting into life. Overall, the nursery looks stunning – so many colours and fresh, new growth. This spring it probably looks the best it has ever done.

There are many jobs that need to be addressed now, and here are some spring gardening tips to help you along the way:-

  • Evergreen shrubs will be shedding last year’s leaves to reveal lush, new season’s growth. The term ‘evergreen’ can mislead people into thinking that their plant will never drop its leaves. However, once the old leaves get shaded out by the new growth, they are discarded.
  • Now is a good time to feed your trees and shrubs. We always recommend fertilising away from the main rootball to encourage good growth and a stronger root system. Applying the fertiliser about 12” – 18” away from plants that have been planted for a year or two is ideal. If your plants have only just been planted, we would recommend applying approximately 6” away, gradually spreading outwards over the ensuing growing season. Feed every 3-4 weeks in the first growing season.

  • Continue to check support and ties on your trees and shrubs, and replace if necessary. Tie back climbers.
  • Weeding! The weeds are starting to appear with a vengeance! It is vital to keep on top of this as they are easier to control when they are young. To help keep weeds at bay, apply mulch, gravel, slate or woodchips to your beds. Do ensure that any covering is kept away from the trunk of any trees or large shrubs and that the top surface of the root system is still visible. As a guide, only mulch up to the canopy of your plant. Failure to do this will eventually kill your plants. Please see our Planting Plan for further advice.
  • If you have not already done so, cut back your Cornus (dogwood) and Salix (willow) to encourage new colourful winter stems.
  • Pruning can still be carried out on your trees, provided the sap is not starting to rise. If it is, it would be wise to wait now until the autumn. Pruning when the sap is rising will leave an open wound, which makes your tree or shrub susceptible to pests and diseases.
  • Containerised plants – check they are not “pot bound”. If they need repotting, you can remove from their existing pot and remove 10% of the root system, and replant them with fresh compost. This will reinvigorate your plant and keep it fresh and healthy.

Paying attention to maintenance now will be very beneficial for your garden. We hope these few spring gardening tips will help you to create a real haven in your garden that you can enjoy for the spring, summer and autumn.

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