What to do in the garden in December

What to do in the garden in December

As we approach the end of another year, there are still jobs to keep us occupied in the garden such as digging and pruning. We are sure that everyone has felt this very cold spell recently, so why not warm up with a spot of digging? Fast approaching is the shortest day, so soon enough we can look forward to some slightly lighter evenings returning.

Pruning is an important job for this time of the year, but please be sure to check the rules for when your trees and shrubs can be cut back. There are some varieties that must be pruned after they have flowered, please do check with a professional first if you are not sure.

You may want to know that, yes, you can still plant and transplant your deciduous trees and shrubs, ensuring to check that you have a good rootball if you are transplanting. This will give your plant the best chance of survival.

Other December gardening jobs include:

  • Check your tree supports to make sure they are still secure
  • Check that your greenhouse heaters are working efficiently
  • Ensure your pond is not frozen
  • Keep a water source for garden wildlife
  • Keep your bird feeders topped up
  • Consider getting your lawnmower and other garden machinery serviced to ensure it is ready for spring
  • Continue to clear up leaves from pathways and patios to prevent a slip hazard, be sure to also remove from any grassed areas or lawns.
  • Tidy up winter containers and remove yellow or diseased leaves
  • If conditions allow, continue to plant including bare root and rootballed plants

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