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Betula alba | Silver Birch - Single Stem - Girth 10-12cm - Height 450-500cm - 70lt

Betula alba | Silver Birch - Single Stem - Girth 10-12cm - Height 450-500cm - 70lt

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Betula alba, commonly known as the silver birch, is a deciduous tree that belongs to the Betulaceae family. It is native to Europe and parts of Asia, including the United Kingdom, Scandinavia, and Siberia. This tree is known for its slender and elegant appearance, making it a popular choice for landscaping and ornamental purposes.

The silver birch typically grows to a height of 15 to 25 meters (49 to 82 feet), with a canopy spread of about 6 to 12 meters (20 to 39 feet). It has a relatively short trunk, which is pale and slender, often featuring distinct white, silver, or gray bark. The bark peels and flakes off in thin layers, adding to its aesthetic appeal. As the tree ages, the bark becomes darker and develops diamond-shaped patterns.

The leaves of the silver birch are alternate, simple, and doubly serrated. They are usually triangular or ovate in shape, with a pointed apex. The leaf color is initially bright green, turning yellow in autumn before they eventually fall off. The yellow foliage creates a beautiful contrast against the tree's silvery bark, making it a striking sight during the fall season.

During spring, the silver birch produces catkins, which are cylindrical flower clusters. The male catkins are long and yellow-brown, releasing abundant pollen. The female catkins are shorter and erect, developing into small cone-like structures called strobiles that contain numerous winged seeds. These seeds are dispersed by wind, aiding in the birch's reproductive cycle.

Silver birches are typically found in moist, well-drained soils, thriving in areas with ample sunlight. They are hardy trees and can tolerate a variety of climates, including cold and windy conditions. Due to their adaptability, they have been successfully introduced to other parts of the world, including North America.

Apart from its aesthetic value, the silver birch has cultural and ecological significance. In folklore and mythology, it is associated with renewal, purification, and protection. The tree also supports various species of insects, birds, and mammals, providing them with food and habitat.

Overall, Betula alba, the silver birch, is a graceful and visually appealing tree that adds beauty to landscapes and holds cultural significance. Its distinctive bark, delicate leaves, and adaptability make it a beloved tree species across different regions of the world.

  • Common Name

    Silver Birch

  • Family


  • Type

    deciduous tree

  • Pot Size


  • Height (cm)


  • Native To


  • Flower

    male, yellowish-brown dropping catkins, female greenish upright catkins

  • Foliage

    ovate, dark green, bright yellow in autumn

  • Maturation period

    20–50 years

Key Info

Size & Spacing

Mature Height


Mature Width


Shape / habit

bushy, upright, pyramidal habit

Preferred Location


South–facing or North–facing or West–facing or East–facing, exposed or sheltered

Soil Type

acid, alkaline, neutral soil, full sun, partial shade

Soil moisture

moist but well-drained, well-drained

Growing Period




spring, summer, autumn



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