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Fargesia nitida 'Winter Joy'| Chinese fountain bamboo 'Winter Joy' - 140-160cm - 10lt

Fargesia nitida 'Winter Joy'| Chinese fountain bamboo 'Winter Joy' - 140-160cm - 10lt

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Fargesia 'Winter Joy' is a remarkable cultivar of bamboo renowned for its elegance, resilience, and versatility. Belonging to the Fargesia genus within the Poaceae family, 'Winter Joy' stands out for its distinctive features, making it a cherished addition to gardens and landscapes.

Characterized by its graceful, upright growth habit, 'Winter Joy' typically reaches heights of around 2 to 4 meters, forming dense clumps of slender, arching canes. Its delicate foliage consists of narrow, lance-shaped leaves that persist year-round, providing an evergreen presence even in the depths of winter. The foliage showcases a vibrant green hue, which contrasts beautifully with the subtle variations in stem coloration, ranging from shades of green to reddish-brown.

One of the most notable attributes of 'Winter Joy' is its exceptional cold tolerance, thriving in climates where many other bamboo species struggle. This resilience to frost and cold temperatures makes it an ideal choice for gardens in regions with harsh winters, offering a touch of greenery when other plants are dormant.

Moreover, 'Winter Joy' is relatively low-maintenance, requiring minimal care once established. It prefers moist, well-draining soil and thrives in partial to full shade, although it can tolerate some sunlight. Regular watering during dry spells helps maintain its lush appearance, while occasional pruning can help manage its growth and maintain its desired shape.

In addition to its ornamental value, 'Winter Joy' serves various practical purposes in the landscape. Its dense foliage provides excellent screening, making it an effective privacy barrier when planted in rows or clusters. Furthermore, its non-invasive clumping growth habit alleviates concerns about it spreading uncontrollably, making it a suitable choice for confined garden spaces.

  • Common Name

    Chinese Fountain Bamboo

  • Family


  • Type

    evergreen bamboo

  • Pot Size


  • Height (cm)


  • Native To


  • Flower

    rarely flowering

  • Foliage

    narrow, bright green leaves

  • Maturation period

    5–10 years

Key Info

Size & Spacing

Mature Height

2.5–4 m

Mature Width

1.5–2.5 metres

Shape / habit

bushy, upright to arching

Preferred Location


South–facing or West–facing, sheltered

Soil Type

acid, alkaline, neutral, full sun, partial shade

Soil moisture

moist but well–drained

Growing Period


rarely flowering


all year


rarely fruiting

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