Beat the Heat! Tips for Dry Weather

Beat the Heat! Tips for Dry Weather

What a dry summer – the ground is parched.

It is most important to maintain the required amount of water. Keep you trees, shrubs etc. moist to dry, this will allow the water to drain through the root system so the feeler roots will chase the water to the water table. Overwatering will not make the trees or shrubs grow faster. All you will do is semi-drown or drown the root system. This will encourage the root system to rot.

Everybody’s’ ground is different to how fast or slow it dries out. Therefore, if your trees or shrubs are still wet when you go to water them walk away. Do not be tempted to water. Allow the ground to start to dry before re-watering.

When fertilising, fertilise around the root system – 6” the first time, then 12” then 18”. This will help to drawer the feeler roots out to the nutrient. Once a month during the first growing season should be enough. If you concentrate on developing a strong, healthy root system this will help to build strength into the tree or shrub to help them cope with windblown spore fungus that are blown in the wind from surrounding trees and shrubs, possibly miles away. They will attach themselves to the underside of the foliage, so if you do have a spray as a cure, concentrate on mainly the underside. After your trees and shrubs have built up their own immune system, they will be able to cope against a windblown spore fungus. Overwatering and under watering are a major problem.

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