Evergreen plants to consider

Evergreen plants to consider

Evergreen trees and shrubs make an excellent choice if you are looking for year-round colour, interest and screenage. Brighten up your garden all year round not just through particular months, with the wonderful plants we have to offer.

Evergreen trees and shrubs hold their foliage year-round, but in the spring will naturally shed last year’s foliage as the fresh new growth bursts into life. Most evergreen trees and shrubs require little maintenance except for an occasional prune to keep them in shape – but do be aware that some evergreens cannot cope with being hard pruned, and this can actually spoil their beauty.

Evergreen plants have a constant interest so they are ideal if you want a tree or shrub to act as a focal point in your garden. They come in many guises – various heights, foliage type (for example leaf-form or needle-like) and colour. However, most evergreen plants are predominantly varying shades of green.

Here at Arundel Arboretum, an evergreen tree nursery based in Arundel, West Sussex, we have an excellent range of evergreen plants in stock. Our knowledgeable staff are always available to help and advise you in choosing the right plants for your garden. There are a few points to think about when considering purchasing any plant, and you should include the following: –

  • How much space do you have? Will the tree or shrub have enough space to grow?
  • Are you looking for an architectural shaped plant or a natural shape?
  • What are your ground conditions?
  • What direction does your garden face? Prevailing winds may damage some delicate foliage if it gets very cold.
  • Are you considering keeping your plant in a pot? If this is the case, please do bear in mind that you should remove the plant from its container every other year, trim off 10% of the root system, refresh the compost and re-plant. This keeps the root system and plant healthy.
  • Are you looking for particular foliage colour and type?
  • What is the ultimate goal for the plant – a focal point in your garden or plants for screenage?

We have an impressive range of evergreen trees and shrubs in stock now, and to get you started, here is a small selection from our extensive range to choose from: –

Photinia x fraseri ‘Red Robin’

Photinia x fraseri ‘Red Robin’ – this is a firm favourite and has become increasingly popular over the years. It is highly ornamental and can be grown as a standard or half-standard tree or a shrub – either as a stand-alone specimen or as a hedge. Its dark green leaves are a stunning vibrant red when the new growth emerges in the spring. Clusters of tiny white flowers emerge from pink buds in April and May. Photinia x fraseri ‘Red Robin’ is very easy to grow and will be happy in most soils apart from heavy clay. It will grow happily in full sun and partial shade, in a sheltered or exposed position. However, it is best to avoid full shade positions. Further information on Photinia x fraseri ‘Red Robin’ can be found here.

Hoheria sexstylosa ‘Snow White’

Hoheria sexstylosa ‘Snow White’ is an evergreen tree with a pyramidal shape. This is also becoming more popular now as it is so versatile and can be grown as a shrub, standard or half-standard tree. We also have them in stock on frames.  It produces masses of stunning tiny white flowers in June\July.  It has an eventual height of 5m, but can be pruned to shape and size. Hoheria sexstylosa ‘Snow White’ is classed as reasonably hardy and should be able to withstand temperatures between -5 to -10.  However, if it is on an exposed site or in severe weather conditions, it can be damaged.  We would recommend providing shelter in cold areas.

Taxus baccata (English Yew)

Taxus baccata is a medium-sized evergreen tree or shrub with a bushy growth habit. It has exceptionally dark green, narrow leaves. The female plants can produce flowers in spring and these will be followed by red fruits in the autumn. Taxus baccata make an ideal choice for hedging as they can grow in full sun, full shade or partial shade. They have an ultimate height of 12m and a spread of 8m, but this can take between 20-50 years! They need a well-drained soil. Please do be aware that the seeds are highly toxic if they are ingested.

Laurus nobilis (Bay tree)

Laurus nobilis is an evergreen shrub with leathery, aromatic leaves, which can be used for cooking. During spring, small flowers appear in dense clusters that are yellow-green. In the autumn, oval shaped glossy black fruits will appear. We have a good selection in stock, including bushes, spirals and standards – these are ideal for planting in pots. Laurus nobilis can be planted in full sun or partial shade in a sheltered or exposed position. They too require a well-drained soil – so do bear that in mind if you are planting in a pot. They have an eventual  height of 12m and a spread of 8m+, but again they can take up to 50 years to reach full maturity.

Viburnum x burkwoodii (Burkwood Viburnum)

Viburnum x burkwoodii is classed as a hardy evergreen shrub, but if planted in colder regions or exposed sites it may lose its leaves in winter. The dark green leaves are complemented with delicate and gorgeous, highly fragrant white\pale pink flowers from mid-late spring.  Viburnum x burkwoodii has an eventual height and width of approximately 1.5-2.5m and grows very well in full sun, full shade or partial shade. The shrub prefers a moist, well-drained soil.

Arundel Arboretum evergreen tree nursery, is a leading stockist of evergreen trees and shrubs in Sussex. We look forward to and welcome your visit to our nursery.

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