Plant Problems: Planting Trees Too Deep

Plant Problems: Planting Trees Too Deep

Trees that are planted too deep – we encounter this problem on a daily basis.  Most people don’t realise that this simple mistake can stop a tree from flowering, stunt the growth of the tree, or even, in extreme cases, cause it to die.

So if you have a tree, shrub or climber that has not flowered or grown in the manner that you expected it to then the first step is to get the top of the root system exposed and make sure the trunk of the tree is not rotting.

By covering the top of the root system you are effectively suffocating the tree, weakening the whole strength of the immune system and allowing bacterial fungi to penetrate the foliage.

At this point, you will have to spray the item with a suitable fungicide concentrate – mainly spraying the underside of the foliage.

It is important to focus on the underside of the foliage as this is the area most frequently exposed to spores and other irritants when winds blow through the area. These winds typically expose the underside of foliage, allowing harmful materials to attach themselves.

Spraying can stop fungus travelling into the secondary bud shoot and stop the branch from dying.

If you wish a nursery to identify the problem for you, always put a sample into a clear, sealed plastic bag. Nurseries will not appreciate an infected branch being waved around!

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