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Juniperus Communis Prostrata | Bonsai - 120cm - 40lt

Juniperus Communis Prostrata | Bonsai - 120cm - 40lt

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Juniperus communis 'Prostrata,' commonly known as Prostrate Common Juniper, is a fascinating and versatile evergreen shrub that has earned its place in UK gardens for its unique characteristics and adaptability to the British climate. This juniper variety offers a range of features that make it a valuable addition to the UK landscape.

One of the most distinctive attributes of 'Prostrata' is its prostrate or creeping growth habit. Unlike the more upright juniper varieties, this one hugs the ground, forming a low, spreading mat of dense foliage. The compact, scale-like leaves are a rich green color, creating a lush carpet that adds texture and interest to the garden.

This juniper is well-suited to the UK's temperate climate. It is exceptionally hardy and can thrive in various soil types, provided they are well-drained. 'Prostrata' can endure the unpredictable British weather, including cold temperatures and exposure to wind and salt spray in coastal areas. Its adaptability ensures that it thrives in different garden settings throughout the UK.

Maintaining 'Prostrata' is relatively straightforward due to its low-maintenance nature. It has a slow growth rate, which means it rarely requires pruning. Occasional trimming may be necessary to maintain its desired shape and to remove any dead or damaged branches. Its prostrate form also makes it a valuable ground cover option, suppressing weeds and providing an evergreen carpet in otherwise challenging areas.

As an evergreen, 'Prostrata' offers year-round visual interest in the garden. Its green foliage remains vibrant even during the winter months when many other plants have lost their leaves. This feature ensures that it continues to contribute to the garden's aesthetic appeal throughout the year.

In addition to its ornamental qualities, Prostrate Common Juniper has a practical use in gardens. It can be employed as a ground cover to prevent soil erosion on slopes or as an attractive border plant for pathways and garden edges. It also works well in rock gardens, where its creeping habit complements the natural look of stone features.

In summary, Juniperus communis 'Prostrata' is a captivating evergreen shrub that has found a special place in UK gardens. Its prostrate growth habit, adaptability to the British climate, low-maintenance requirements, and year-round green foliage make it an excellent choice for various garden styles and settings. Whether you're seeking a ground cover solution, an attractive border plant, or a reliable evergreen that thrives in the UK, 'Prostrata' is a superb choice that adds enduring beauty and character to British landscapes.

  • Common Name

    Juniper 'Hornibrookii'

  • Family


  • Type

    Evergreen tree

  • Pot Size


  • Height (cm)


  • Native To


  • Flower

    non flowering

  • Foliage

    Sharply pointed and Grey-green with silvery-blue undersides

  • Maturation period

    20–50 years

Key Info

Size & Spacing

Mature Height

1.5–2.5 m

Mature Width

1.5–2.5 m

Shape / habit


Preferred Location


South–facing or West–facing or East–facing, Exposed or sheltered, full sun or partial shade

Soil Type

Clay, Loam, Sand

Soil moisture


Growing Period


non flowering


All year


non fruiting

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