Sweetheart is predominantly a sweet cherry. Its sweet taste is not too sugary, with a hint of bitter sharpness. The flavour is richer than most other cherries. To get the best flavour from Sweetheart cherries, pick when they are fully ripe and eat immediately. Sweetheart is a self-fertile variety and ripens in August, and has a long picking period. The fruit often ripens unevenly, which often prevents a glut of fruit in one go.



Sunburst is a good modern cherry variety.  It has soft flesh, and a good sweet mild cherry flavour. Sunburst is a large fruit with a near black skin. It is a self-fertile variety, and the picking time is early July. It is closely related to the Stella cherry, and is considered to be an improved version.


Stella cherry is a self-fertile variety of cherry. It produces large fruits which are dark red. They have a sweet taste and are juicy. Stella has a vigorous growth habit, which begins upright and then spreads. It is classed as a ideal garden cherry tree, since it can be grown on its own. It is also a good pollinator for other cherry trees.


Napoleon is a medium-large white cherry with a firm flesh. It was introduced to Britain about 150  years ago. It has a sweet-sharp flavour, and is of very good quality. Napoleon has pale yellow-white flesh flushed with dark red. Napoleon is a very good cropper. It is recommended that they are eaten fresh. Their picking time is late July\early August.



Nabella is a culinary cherry, similar to Morello. It produces medium-sized, glossy, bright red fruits. Nabella is a self-fertile variety and the fruits ripen late. They are an excellent choice for making jams, pies or liqueurs. Nabella pick time is August.


Morello is a traditional English cherry, primarily used for making jams, preserves and pies. Morello is a large black fruit with a dark red flesh. When it is cooked it has a rich, strong cherry flavour. Morello can be eaten fresh, but they need to be very ripe, otherwise their taste will be very acidic and bitter. Morello has a compact, spreading growth habit and is self-fertile. They have a good resistance to disease and their picking time is July\August.

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