Williams’ Bon Chretien

Williams’ Bon Chretien pear is a medium-large fruit with pale yellow skin with pale red stripes and spots.  It has an oval shape with a smooth skin.  Williams’ Bon Chretien is a regular cropper, and should be hardy enough for northern areas.  The quality of the fruit is very good, but it does not store for very long.  Its picking time is September.

Doyenne du Comice

Doyenne du Comice is a dessert pear which produces medium-large fruit, with a golden-yellow skin which is flushed with brownish-red.  Its taste and texture are outstanding.  However, it needs warmth and shelter from winds.  Unfortunately, Doyenne du Comice it is an irregular cropper and will also require spraying against scab.  The picking time is mid-October.  Its Pollination Group is C.  It requires a pollination partner such as ‘Beth’ or ‘Concorde’.


Conference dessert pears produce medium sized fruit with an olive green skin, with large russet patches. It is a reliable variety to grow even if it has less than perfect conditions. Conference fruits are long and narrow with firm, juicy flesh. It is partly self-fertile and is in Pollination Group B. If it has a nearby pollination partner it will produce a better crop of fruit. Picking time is late September.

Beth – Pear

Beth is a dessert pear produces small-medium fruits with a pale yellow skin with russet spots.  It produces high yields and regular cropping.  Beth has a soft white flesh.  It has an upright growth habit.  It comes under Pollination Group B.  Picking time is late August.

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