The Victoria plum is probably the most popular plum, producing large fruits suitable for eating and cooking.  It has yellow-green flesh.  It is a reliable and heavy cropper, but thinning is often essential.  It has pale red skin.  The Victoria has a poor resistance to disease.  Its period of use is late August.  It is self-fertile and comes under Pollination Group B.


Stanley plums are firm fruits with a sweet flavour.  It is a self-fertile variety on a St. Julien A rootstock.  Stanley fruit has orange-yellow flesh underneath violet-blue skins.  The flowers usually appear fairly late, so they are less susceptible to frost damage.  Stanely can reach heights of between 12′ – 15′ if left unpruned, but can be kept to a height of 6′ – 8′.  Stanley is a good nectar source for bees and other wildlife.  The picking time is September.

Santa Rosa

Santa Rosa plums are dual purpose plums, being ideal for eating and cooking, with a good flavour.  Santa Rosa are medium sized plums with pale red skins and green\yellow flesh.  It is a self fertile variety. It has a vigorous upright growth habit.  The fruits are ready in late August/early September.


Opal dessert plums produce a medium size fruit, with a reddish-purple skin colour.  The flesh is yellow and comes away from the stone easily.  The flavour has a gage-like taste and is sweet.  It is easy to manage, but the birds love the buds!  It is self-fertile and in Pollination Group B. Opal is a good,  heavy cropper, and generally has a good resistance to disease. The period of use is late July.

Marjorie’s Seedling

Marjorie’s Seedling  plum is an excellent choice if you would like a plum that can be used for cooking and eating.  It produces large fruits with purple skin.  Marjorie’s Seedling is oval in shape with yellow flesh.  It has an upright growth which is vigorous.  The blossom season is late enough so can miss the frosts.  Its period of use is  late September.  It is self-fertile and comes under Pollination Group C.

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