Fruit Trees – a natural choice for your garden

Fruit Trees – a natural choice for your garden

Fruit trees can be a lovely addition to your garden. Depending upon the variety you choose, they can be planted in the ground or grown happily in pots in your garden or on your patio.

Our fruit trees have had an abundance of blossom this year and have looked stunning. Fruit is now starting to develop and the Victoria plums in particular look as though they will produce a bumper crop this year.

Fruit trees are also popular because they add structure and interest to a garden, and you can reap the rewards of growing your own fruit! Fruit trees will encourage wildlife into your garden too.

We have talked in a previous blog (Are your fruit trees being sabotaged by insects?) about how to control the insect population. Insect life is so important for our wild birds and we would never discourage this. All of our nest boxes have had young in them this year and it has been so good to see and should be actively encouraged. We have so enjoyed watching the young fledge.

We have an excellent selection of fruit trees in stock this year. We have also been able to source some very old traditional varieties including Joe’s Sheep’s Nose and Slack ma Girdle for cider making!

A visit to us to see our fruit tree varieties is highly recommended. Some of the varieties we have at the moment include:-

Cox’s Orange Pippin

Most people regard the Cox’s Orange Pippin as the best of all varieties of eating apples. It is aromatic, juicy and crisp, with a superb flavour. The fruit will be ready to pick in October.

Bramley’s Seedling

This is by far the most popular cooking apple. The Bramley’s Seedling produces a fantastic crop of large fruit, with a creamy flesh. This apple is juicy and full of flavour. Picking time is October.

Victoria Plum

The Victoria plum is probably still the most popular plum. It produces a good amount of fruit, which should be ready for picking from late August.

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