Quercus / Oak

Quercus / Oak

Quercus robur / English Oak

Quercus robur is a slow growing broad-headed tree with rugged branches. Quercus robur is a tree to admire as a specimen. Quercus robur is renowed as a British stately tree. The oak wood is good for furniture making and building.

Quercus suber / Cork Oak

Quercus suber is a medium sized evergreen tree. However, during the late spring\early summer it will shed its foliage. It is a beautiful, architectural tree. It is usually clear stemmed with a spreading habit. The bark is thick and corky and provides the corks for your wine bottles! It is a slow growing tree with oval\oblong leaves.

Quercus ilex / Evergreen Oak-Holm Oak-Holly Oak

Quercus ilex is a large majestic tree. Its leathery leaves are dark glossy green above, and greyish downy beneath. A tree that takes pruning, and will also grow in a shady area. A salt tolerant tree. Quercus ilex is used a lot for screening.

Quercus rubra / American red Oak

Quercus rubra is a fast growing, broad-headed large deciduous tree. It has an open, spreading crown with leaves that can grow in excess of 20cm. Its large green leaves turn a ruby-red then brown in the autumn. Quercus rubra produces insignificant green flowers in the spring. It can be planted in full sun or partial shade. Plant in a sheltered or exposed position. Quercus rubra has an eventual height of 12m and a spread of 8m.

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