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Ornamental Trees: Transforming Spaces with Spectacular Beauty

Ornamental trees are cultivated primarily for their aesthetic value. They are chosen for their visually spectacular features, such as unique shape, beautiful flowers, colourful foliage, attractive bark, decorative fruit, or a combination of these elements. They bring beauty to landscapes throughout the year, each tree having its own special features that reveal its unique charm in different seasons.

Ornamental Trees Sale UK: Arundel Arboretum

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A Short Guide to Ornamental Trees UK

Ornamental trees come in a variety of types and can appeal to a wide range of landscaping needs and aesthetic preferences. Here are several basic categories defined by their unique characteristics.

Blossoming ornamental trees

Blossoming ornamental trees are loved for their vibrant blossoms and bursts of colour and beauty. Their endless charm is capable of transforming any garden into a beautiful retreat, radiating joy and serenity. Some of the most popular types of flowering ornamental trees are:

Magnolia offers large, stunning, often cup-shaped flowers in a variety of colours, from pure white to deep pink to rich purple. It usually blooms in spring before the leaves appear, adding elegance and beauty to the still-dormant garden. The most popular choices are Southern Magnolia and Star Magnolia

Each spring, cherry blossom trees burst into a breathtaking display of flowers, ranging from soft pink to pure white. They can add a magical touch to any landscape, even to small, urban gardens because of their compact and elegant form. Popular varieties are the Yoshino Cherry and the Kanzan Cherry.

Ornamental foliage trees

Foliage ornamental trees are popular for their vibrant leaves and textures that bring excitement to the garden throughout the seasons. Vivid green, golden yellow, fiery red, and magical purple are some of the beautiful colours these ornamental trees can offer. The most popular types of foliage ornamental trees are:

Japanese maple is a very popular ornamental tree highly sought after because of its interesting, deeply cut, delicate leaves and beautiful autumn colours – from fiery oranges and reds to captivating purples. Certain varieties are also known for their colourful bark which stands out during the winter. Among a wide range of varieties, Bloodgood Japanese Maple and Crimson Queen are particularly popular.

  • Smoke Tree (Cotinus)

The smoke tree is a beautiful and unique ornamental tree known for its round leaves and fluffy, pinkish-purple, smoke-like flowers. The colour of leaves can vary depending on the variety. The common shades are purple, burgundy, and red, like in a Royal Purple variety. Golden Spirit smoke tree starts with chartreuse in spring, turns yellow in summer, and becomes orange-red in the fall.

Evergreen ornamental trees

Evergreen ornamental trees keep their foliage all year round. Their main qualities are consistent colour and structure which makes them very useful in landscaping. They are perfect for privacy screens, windbreaks, and adding life into bare winter gardens.
Some of the most popular varieties in the UK are:

Tacus Baccata or English Yew is a dense, evergreen, coniferous tree. It’s one of the three coniferous species native to the UK. Long-lived and very easy to grow, it is known as the king of hedging. It has glossy, dark green leaves and reddish-brown bark. Unlike many evergreen ornamental trees, it tolerates shade.

Holly or Ilex aquifolium is a popular evergreen ornamental tree, native to the UK. It is known for its glossy, spiky leaves and beautiful, vivid red berries that persist on branches throughout the winter. Since it is very resilient and highly decorative, it is an excellent choice for various gardens.

Other Types

In addition to these 3 main types, ornamental trees can also be classified as:

  • Weeping ornamental trees, like the graceful Weeping Willow or Weeping Cherry
  • Ornamental bark trees, such as the striking Paperbark Maple or Silver Birch
  • Ornamental fruit trees, like the vibrant Crabapple or Hawthorn
    Each of these types brings unique qualities to a landscape, enhancing the visual appeal of the garden and adding diverse elements to garden design.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does ornamental mean in trees?In the context of trees, “ornamental” refers to trees that are cultivated for their aesthetic appeal, not for practical purposes, such as wood or fruit production.
  • What is a decorative tree?Decorative trees are the same as ornamental trees. They are grown primarily for their aesthetic qualities and used for enhancing landscape designs and providing visual interest.
  • What are the best small ornamental trees?The best small ornamental trees are those that fit into tighter or smaller spaces while providing aesthetic value through different seasons. Japanese Maple, Eastern Redbud, Magnolia “Little Gem”, Smoke Tree. and Witch Hazel are just some of the popular ornamental trees for small gardens.
  • How long do ornamental trees typically live?The lifespan of ornamental trees can vary depending on the species and growth conditions – climate conditions, planting location, soil quality, and maintenance.
  • Are there low-maintenance ornamental trees? Some ornamental trees are especially valued because they do not require much care. They are typically disease and pest-resistant, drought-tolerant, and slow-growing. Examples of low-maintenance ornamental trees are:
  • Are there ornamental trees for sale near me?If you’re looking to buy ornamental trees, your search can end here! Visit our Arundel Arboretum nursery in Arundel, Chichester, South of England, to explore our top-quality ornamental trees from our ornamental trees farm. Or, browse our online store and find ornamental trees for sale there. We’ll handle the rest.
    If you have any questions about the ornamental tree sale UK or if you need further assistance, do not hesitate to contact us.

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